Construction services

Construction services include:

Feasibility study for the construction of solar systems – design and adaptation of the system on the roof, and the    implementation of computerized imaging to ensure that there are no shading that may damage the efficiency and productivity in the system.

Planning the most suitable configuration – for each installation, the Tachlit Solar engineers prepare detailed and precise engineering specifications, make drawings and plans, examine and approve the fitting of the roof structure to install a solar system. If necessary, engineers recommend additional building reinforcements, determine the location and deployment of the other modules and components in the system, identify potential obstacles, and recommend the most effective way to remove them.

Detailed analysis and planning including prediction of system output.

Installation of the highest standard systems – At the end of the planning and meticulous preparation process, Tachlit Solar is responsible for the installation of the system, the assembly, the equipment of the systems and the electrical components. Project managers monitor all stages of the installation process from start to finish to ensure smooth and successful installation. The work and installation processes are carried out by Tachlit Solar according to the final submission plans.

• Complete mechanical and electrical installation of the system.

• Regular control of the solar system – the control is carried out using the monitoring system, in order to check whether the produced output does indeed match the potential of the system.

• Training – The customers are guided to the efficient use of electricity and energy savings in the household sector.

• Service – During an error during the warranty period, the service team is activated to deal with the malfunction and / or notice to the customer.

Maintenance and operation service

Tachlit Solar provides its customers with a comprehensive maintenance and operation service including:

Ongoing maintenance
• Monitoring system performance through the monitoring system.
• Identifying remote trends and faults and identifying their sources.
• Notify the customer of malfunctions that require a technician to arrive at the site.
• Remote client guidance regarding operations that do not require technician care.
• Professional cleaning service for the system and panels using dedicated equipment and water, specially adapted      for this purpose and to prolong the life of the panel.
• Analyze the system performance and set a schedule for rinsing accordingly.
• Comparative performance analysis of the systems, and tracking and analysis of trends based on comparison of the performance of all systems maintained by Tachlit Solar.

Total annual treatment
• General inspection of electrical engineer.
• General bolts in the system and in the electrical panels.
• Grounding system test: grounding continuity and ground conduction conductivity.
• Check cable connection to converters.
• Checking the opacity of the system parts.
• Checking frame fittings and color corrections.
• Thermographic tests in the electrical panels.
• Insulation tests and a fault loop on the main line.
• Checking the integrity of the construction.
• Testing of a construction engineer (once every three years).
• Examining shading and monitoring the growth of trees in the environment.
• Maintenance of protection systems including cameras, mice, GMAX, etc.

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