We would rather give up on a project, but not on our standards
(עברית) ולא בקבלני משנה !!!
We will not say "impossible" before we examine every possible way
(עברית) חסכון עד 40% מזמן ההתקנה קונס רגילה
Just believe in ourselves and our responsibility for each job, and subcontractors
(עברית) אבל לא על הסטנדרטים שלנו !!!
We will stick to the fact that responsibility is an integral part of service
(עברית) לפני שנבדוק כל דרך אפשרית.
Our best advertisement are our customers
(עברית) דבקים בכך שאחריות היא חלק בלתי נפרד משירות
We will never finish a job until the customer is fully satisfied
(עברית) של הלקוח
Welcome To Tachlit Ltd


Specializes in renewable energies and solar energy. Since its establishment in 2009, Tachlit Solar has established approximately 300 business and private systems throughout Israel with a total capacity of about 15 MW.

Tachlit Solar is among the leading companies in the field of solar PV. The company serves as the executive arm and execution contractor for the best solar companies in Israel . Among Tachlit Solar’s customers are industrial plants, public institutions, local authorities, moshavim and kibbutzim in Israel.

Tachlit Solar has extensive experience in setting up high and low voltage solar systems. The company’s advanced engineering planning system enables maximal utilization of the available space, maximizing power from the system and ensuring optimal output

In addition to the professional construction services, Tachlit Solar also offers maintenance and accompaniment services to the highest standards, monitoring and operation, which includes control of output to all system sizes throughout the country at a competitive price. The company is known for its full availability and quick and courteous response to its customers.

By connecting with Tachlit Solar, you can guarantee a successful long-term relationship

Tachlit Solar works according to all Israeli safety standards, and uses the best quality and advanced equipment in order to provide its customers with a solution and a quality product without compromises at fair prices

Tachlit Solar brings green solutions to its customers, enabling them to minimize the electricity bill, making it irrelevant after a few years of installation.

The goal is – free electricity and clean and green space

Before we start, we do some preliminary checks ... Feasibility study for the construction of solar systems - design and adaptation of the system on…
Tachlit has developed aluminum constructions from a bending profile as a cones, Easy to assemble (saving 40 percent of assembly time). Significantly cheaper than the…
Construction services include: Feasibility study for the construction of solar systems - design and adaptation of the system on the roof, and the    implementation…
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